Wednesday, July 04, 2007

McCartney to save Save Our Selves?

The fear that Live Earth is going to be more Net Aid than Live Aid seems to be gripping the organisers at the moment and - faced with risk that Madonna's cringeworthy Hey You might be as good as it gets - they're reportedly desperately trying to get Paul McCartney on board to provide some sort of highlight for the day:

A source tells us: "It's true that Paul has been asked to take part. He said that the cause is very close to his heart and he's very impressed with what Al Gore's been doing to highlight it, but he's still deciding whether he can do it at the moment."

They desperately need something, because at the moment, this is the sort of thing they've got:
We understand that Genesis will kick off the Wembley show and Damien Rice and David Gray will do a duet.

Phil Collins and two of the dullest people in the world - together, at last.


M.C. Glammer said...

Heh, I love that Madonna's "been preparing her performance for weeks and has even been talking to Al Gore about how to create the biggest impact."

Gore: "Biggest impact? Erm, yeah, do you know Macca's phone number?"

Eric2 said...

would that not be the 3 dullest, then?

Anonymous said...

"would that not be the 3 dullest, then?"

no no no. Phil Collins is far, far, far beyond dull. The English language has not yet created words with a strength and intensity powerful enough to describe the man. Lo, in generations to come they shall perhaps manage it, for in the folk tales they shall regale will come mention of the savage beast who once drove humble and pure men to monstrous deeds.

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