Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shrigley's friends make time for music

The lyrics-without-music book Worried Noodles is set to get some music after all, as a stellar team of pop people provide musical settings for David Shrigley's words:

Christopher Francis - ‘One’
Grizzly Bear – ‘Blackcurant Jam’
R. Stevie Moore – ‘Live In Fear’
Phil Elvrum & Nick Krgovich - ‘Watcha Doin’'
Scarlett’s Well - ‘Maybe’
Psapp – ‘Sad Song’
Aidan Moffat & The Best Of’s - ‘Your Hands Are Cold’
Yacht – ‘I Saw You’
Simon Bookish – ‘Prince Of Wales’
Deerhoof – ‘You, Dog’
Hank – ‘Baby’s Bible’
Marriot 1262 (TV On The Radio Portland Chapter) - ‘Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Potato’
David Byrne – ‘For You’
James Chadwick – The Wooden Floor’
Islands - ‘Joy’
Cotton Candy – ‘A Sentimental Song’
Franz Ferdinand - ‘No’
Alig Fodder – ‘The Hole’
Cibelle – ‘Elaine’
Dirty Projectors – ‘Come Forward’
The Curtains - ‘Show Me The Way Things Work’
Max Tundra – ‘A Truce’
Munch Munch – ‘A Squirrel’
Liars – ‘Panic Button’
Tussle (ft. David Shrigley) - ‘A Clash Of Heads’
Trans Am – ‘The Film’
John Shankie – ‘A Song’
Scout Niblett – ‘The Bell’
Final Fantasy - ‘Joys’
Mt. Eerie – ‘A Sentimental Song’
The Dead Science - ‘Once I Found A Diamond’
Lord Cut Glass - ‘Maybe’
Per Francine – ‘Another Song’
Hot Chip - ‘No’
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - ‘The Pretty Girl’
Mitch Friedman - ‘Awesome’
Pyrolator & Stoya - ‘Elaine’
Les Georges Leningrad - ‘Manager And Coordinater Of Prostitutes’