Sunday, July 08, 2007

Snow Patrol prove they can get themselves arrested

Somewhere between their Live Earth performance and their scheduled slot at T in the Park, Tom Simpson got arrested. The Snow Patrol keyboardist had his collar felt on matters arising from a non-appearance in court at Glasgow.

Luckily, he was released in time for the band to appear at T - I say luckily, obviosuly that's from the perspective of someone who doesn't have to stand in a field watching them.

Amy Winehouse, though, has cancelled, due to "exhaustion", although it's not clear if that's the sort of exhaustion you get when you spend all day in a bar, like the exhaustion that did for her Liverpool date.


Unknown said...

i like the "police release t in the park star" headline. i guess it's there because the headline "police release snow patrol keyboardist" sounds a lot more " what?"

Anonymous said...

Isn't the keyboardist the hefty chap who always gets shifted to the edge in band photos and videos, much like Nicola in Girls Aloud's early days? I'd love to see him trying to prove who he was. "Look, put MTV2 on. There! See behind the bassist's elbow? That's my left ear! Honest!"

Anonymous said...

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