Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ThedrummerfromBlur aims to become the member from West Derby

Having so far managed a record of standing, once, for public office, and losing that council bye-election, the Liverpool Daily Post is reporting that Dave Rowntree is considering running for adoption as Labout Party Candidate for the Liverpool West Derby seat.

Currently, the seat is in the comfortable hands of Bob Wareing - Wareing is currently fighting bids to deselect him on the grounds that he's a bit too much like a Labour MP used to be. Even if Wareing is kicked out, the prospect of a rock-solid safe Labour seat has attracted about a dozen other potential candidates busily trying to find some sort of connection with Tuebrook to help their case, including Stephen Twigg and Tristram Hunt.

Rowntree - perhaps hoping to catch the Party eye with the inability to give a straight answer to fair question - responded to enquiries about his plans with a tart:

“It’s the wrong time to be talking about that.”

[Thanks to James McCabe for the tip]