Friday, July 06, 2007

Washington to the rescue

After a couple of days where the overriding impression of Live Earth was of a Roman Empiresque over-reaching, there's at last some good news for the organisers: A Washington concert has been pulled together out of almost nothing. No, really, we mean almost nothing: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are as good as it gets.

Oh, and did we mention that it's taking place at half past ten in the morning local time? The sort of timeslot that Glastobnruy would give to the Shirehorses, in other words. Presumably the idea is to illustrate that pop stars really will get out of bed to fight climate change.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Al Gore's keeping an eye on any potentially-embarrassing anti-climate Live Earth travel plans now. According to this dreadful article, anyway.

To save you reading the soul-crushingly bad story in full, here's the gist: Razorlight are planning to travel from Live Earth to T in the Park by tourbus with police escort, followed by private jet. (I assume the whole band will be doing that, anyway. It could be that those are Johnny Borrell's travel plans, and the rest of the band have been given cheap-day returns and a fiver for the buffet trolley). Anyhow, Al Gore apparently got wind of this and has personally phoned Borrell to voice his concern.

According to 'the source' quoted, nothing will be changing. Because given the choice between avoiding unnecessary pollution and another workmanlike plod-through of 'Golden Touch', we all know what's more important. Johnny has however "assured Al that he will off-set all his carbon emissions by planting loads of trees". So expect to see three pissed-off-looking men digging up your local park soon, overseen by a shirtless foreman in ridiculous white jeans.

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