Monday, August 06, 2007

Cyclists ride for Mozzer's roof

A bunch of Smiths fans have come together to do a sponsored bike ride to help replace the lead stolen from Salford Lad's Club. The one on the inner sleeve of The Queen Is Dead:

Author Phil Gatenby, whose book Panic on the Streets details Smiths landmarks around Manchester, said the theft was bitterly poignant because it had connections with some Smiths' lyrics.

He said: "In the song Vicar in a Tutu there is a line which says: 'I was minding my business lifting some lead off the roof of the Holy Name Church', so it was important that we included this building on the ride."

Presumably the cyclists will also be breaking into the Palace to play piano to the Queen.

The thieves also took the guttering off the listed building, although there isn't actually a Morrissey song about pinching guttering - although, really, it feels as if there should have been.