Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Fratellis: Where confidence becomes smug

Jon out the Fratellis has been putting minds of their fans at rest. They seem to have been worried about the second album:

"I can't help noticing a few of you are worried about the new album, where it's going, what it'll sound like and that sort of thing. Don't worry about it, we're not."

That's continuity, then, as the first album sounded like a band who wasn't worried about what it was going to come out like.
"If you don't have three albums written when you get signed then you're not worth the ink.

"The new one has been half-written since we did the first album. There's no great mystery to it, just write a bunch of songs that are better than the first lot, so we did."

This is all starting to sound a little we're so good at sophomore albums, isn't it?
"It'll surprise you but you'd have to deaf, dumb or just plain thick to be disappointed. Thankfully you guys seem to be none of them.

"I'm not going to make any great proclamation as to how good it is as it's all in the head at the moment. All I'll say is that it will be hands down better than the first one, and if this wasn't the case we'd give up.

"We'll play you some new tunes come the end of the month and they'll be thunderous."

We know Jon probably didn't mean to imply he didn't want people with hearing or speech problems to be part of his fanbase, but that's what he seems to have done by accident: "Thankfully none of our fans are deaf or dumb."

That might be the sort of thing that happens when you don't worry enough about your work.