Friday, August 24, 2007

Newton's nose for a story

Powerful journalist Victoria Newton has got hold of Beth Ditto's Advocate interview, and has run with a chunk this morning. So, how has she approached the growing distance between Ditto's proclamations and her actions? Or is it the allegations that the NME twisted her words which Victoria focuses on?

Ever the sharp-nosed journalist, Newton cuts straight to the point:

The rotund star revealed she took inspiration for her glam look and music career from none other than... MISS PIGGY!

Beth, who is good pals with KATE MOSS, insists the muppet pig is a great female role model and helped shape her tastes as a teenager.

The Gossip singer told Advocate magazine: "Miss Piggy is extremely iconic. There's no one higher than Miss Piggy."

Perhaps its better that they sent in some help for the Winehouse story.

[UPDATE: 3AM picks up exactly the same quote - without even the grace to credit The Advocate]