Saturday, August 18, 2007

Unsettling Sons

Paul Weller's son has, surprisingly, opted for a totally different career to his Dad. "I know that having a successful pop star as my Pop would give me an unfair advantage in the music industry, but really science is my thing. I want to be a molecular chemist."

Oh, if only. No, he's going into the family business , right down to the releasing not-very-good solo records bit:

"I am currently in the studio putting down vocals to a selection of gothic/ electropop tracks," Natt tells [The Daily Mail's Katie Nicholl].

"And my fashion style is kind of a mix between Victoria Beckham and Marilyn Manson."

Judging by the photos, he's taken the 'emperor's new clothes' aspect of Beckham and married it to 'six year old going to fancy dress party as Dracula' of Manson.

Are there any more at home like him, Paul? And if so, could you fix the childlocks on the front door?


Anonymous said...

I started reading this & believed that he he actually wanted to be a scientist! I was thinking good on him, what a great decision - until I clicked on the link & was greeted by the biggest looking cnut ever.

So angry!

Anonymous said...

Victoria Beckham's fashion style is already a mix of Victoria Beckham and Marilyn Manson though, non?

Anonymous said...

"And my fashion style is kind of a mix between Victoria Beckham and Marilyn Manson."

He'll be gutted when he meets Victoria Newton.

Mikey said...

He's got his dad's hair though, hasn't he? That's really going to help him in his quest to follow the family tradition of being the silliest looking fucker in pop

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