Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lavigne & Christina "duped" by Amnesty, says group

One of the many US anti-abortion outfits, the slightly shady Rock For Life, is seeking to draw attention to itself by noisily condemning Amnesty International for including Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera on a fund-raising album for survivors in Darfur.

Why, you might wonder, would even a slightly barking group object to raising funds to help people who've survived terrible events? Well, in RFL's blinkered worldview, Amnesty International aren't a human rights organisation, they're a "pro-abortion organisation":

Erik Whittington, director of Rock for Life, said: “The human suffering going on right now in Darfur is horrific. To add insult to injury, however, using this tragic abuse of human rights to raise money for a pro-abortion organisation is hypocritical and beyond belief.

“The manipulation of musicians to fund this hypocrisy is maddening.” He added: “We are writing to all the artists to ask for their views.”

What's that? Oh, yes. Rock For Life haven't actually been asked by Aguilera or Lavigne to intervene on their behalf; and haven't, in fact, even bothered to ask them yet before issuing this press release.

Indeed, despite having a very long list of bands who they name as supporters (none of whom, except perhaps POD and Bryan 'the mass parades and the flags' Ferry, you're likely to have heard of), neither Lavigne nor Aguilera are listed.

Now, even if your views on abortion aren't liberal, you might spot there's a slight tang of hypocrisy here: A group condemning an organsiation for "duping" artists into supporting a cause that those singers have happily signed on for, using those same names for their campaign without seeking their permission.

Neither Aguilera nor Lavigne have said anything, but Lavigne's management has managed to make a statement which demonstrates the sort of half-synapse powered thinking that Lavigne specialises in:
An aide to Lavigne said: “I don’t think she would want to comment on this. But what has abortion to do with Amnesty? It’s for a lot of different things such as prisoners of conscience and human rights.”

Yes, why would there be any link between human rights and the right to make your own reproductive choices?

We also love this entry from RFL's "pro-abortion" (they mean pro-choice) bands:
Le Tigre: often seen giving Gloria Steinem the mic


Alex B said...

I've emailed them asking if they'll add my bands to the pro-abortion list.

Anonymous said...

That was really going to be the last straw, but actually I don't think it's THAT Bryan Ferry. My evidence is slender, I admit, but I think Bryan knows his name isn't spelled Brian.

Laura Brown said...

Actually, all Amnesty have said is that women should not be imprisoned or executed for having abortions, and that women who are raped as part of a state-led terror campaign (as in Darfur) should not be forced to bear their attackers' children.

I'm a practicing Catholic, but I joined Amnesty the day the Vatican made its sickening denunciation of the group.

Anonymous said...

The world should condemn Amnesty International - for associating with Avril Lavigne.

Anonymous said...

When a guy who worked in a US record shop for eight years (and a large, large shop) recognizes all of ten bands on your member list...well, it's not a good sign.


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