Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madonna is "like Mary Poppins"

Which is, we suppose, not that far from being Like A Virgin. The Mary Poppins observation is according to a supposed link from Malawian social service's investigation into the adoption of David Banda.

We know, we know: Mary Poppins was a nanny and not a mother, and she wouldn't have hired in another nanny to actually look after the kid. Although she did have a relationship with a bloke who spoke in a fake cockney accent. The Sun reports:

A pal said yesterday: “It is the final legal hurdle in adopting David and they are so relieved it went well. No wonder they look so happy and have been buying sex toys.”

"No wonder they look so happy and have been buying sex toys."

Yes - that's exactly what Mary Poppins used to do to mark a job well done. It's a strap on, by the way, Guy. You're going to have your chim-chimeny place seen to.


Anonymous said...

No wonder they look so happy and have been buying sex toys

Christening presents have changed a bit over the past few years then...

eyetie said...

Looks like Guy will be welcoming more than David Banda into his personal space.

By the way, £30 for a purple strap-on dildo??? Maybe Blue Peter should show how to make "the ideal Father's Day present" from a toilet roll, some clingfilm and lots and lots of sticky black plastic.

beketaten said...

HAHAHAHHAA.....Most random observation ever. Oh, Madonna with a strapon...In celebration of a new baby. This modern age allows a fantastic fluidity of expression.
Say, I wonder what my parents bought when I was...Oh GOD, nevermind x_X

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes, Beketaten... there are some things it's best off not asking.

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