Friday, October 19, 2007

Amy ramps up the Pete Dohertys

As she moves to become the female Pete Doherty ever more, Amy Winehouse has picked up a drug charge. She was arrested and held overnight in Norway on cannabis possession charges; she was released following payment of a five hundred Euro fine.

The curious thing is that arrest followed a tip-off - it seems Amy not might be choosing her friends that wisely.


Anonymous said...

She was fined in euros? Obviously the Norwegians have begun to see their mistake of twice voting against joining what is now the EU ...

Laura Brown said...

I'm kind of surprised to learn that cannabis possession is illegal in Norway.

ian said...

Does it have to be a friend? Maybe Norway has a crimestoppers reward scheme or something, which would make "that Amy Winehouse has some drugs" just about the easiest 500 krone you could earn.

Hasn't she also trumped Doherty by actually getting punished for a crime?

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