Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cerys comes home

The Western Mail has been in touch with Cerys Matthews, who - by their reckoning - is back in Pembrokeshire now. The difference in approach between the regional and nation press is illustrated by their gentle touch around Matthews' marriage:

The conversation is full of “we’s” which makes it hard to get to the bottom of rumours that have been flying around Wales saying that the singer had split with her husband.

Whatever the truth, it seems the 38-year-old is not keen to discuss the matter over the phone.

When asked if Seth was helping with the packing she simply says, “No.”

In response to whether she’s still enjoying family and married life, she answers a straightforward, “Yeah.”

And when asked if everything is still fine, despite rumours of difficulties, she adds, “Yeah.” The conversation is closed.

You suspect that, had this interview been typed up in London rather than Cardiff, the result might have been rather less respectful of Cerys' desire to not talk about it.

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Unknown said...

Blame the bloody Welsh Nationists. They've infected every aspect of the media in Wales.

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