Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been compared to damn Britney Spears

We wonder where Superfab Showbiz Zoe got the story in today's Sunday Mirror? A "friend of the singer" shares their worries about Allen after she dumped her management:

"Seb was a stabilising influence on Lily. Since they broke up, she's been living it up. She's lost weight because she has been putting par tying before eating.

"Her management were worried - then she axed them. She believes that she can make it alone. But she's living in cloud cuckoo land. Record execs had big plans for Lily to crack the US, but she pulled out of one tour because she was homesick. Then she lost her visa because of her boasts about taking drugs. Now she's on her own."

Why, "you had big options in the US, but you blew it yourself through your own actions, and now you've dumped the only people who could help you" - it could almost be her ex-management team talking, couldn't it?

Zoe has decided that, since both Lily and Britney have sacked their management at roughly the same time, effectively there's little to choose between them:
I hope Lily sees the error of her ways before she does a complete Britney. At least she hasn't shaved her hair off or gone out without her underwear - yet.

Yes. It's only a matter of time - perhaps hours - before Lily Allen shaves her hair off.