Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bloody, confused, returning

The NME reports the most solid news of a My Bloody Valentine reunion so far, quoting Kevin Shields:

"We were making a record in the '90s around when the band broke up in 1995...and I continued with Belinda [Butcher- guitarist/vocalist]. We kinda made most of an album... It's going to be this 96/97 record half-finished, and then a compilation of stuff we did before that in 1993-94, and a little bit of new stuff."

He added: "I pretty much know what the one that's going to come out this year is going to sound like because its already pretty much three-quarters done already... it sounds like what we sounded like - different, but not radically different. People will go, "yeah, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine."

Even the NME accepts this isn't entirely definitive, headlining its piece:
My Bloody Valentine reunion confirmed?

... with the get-out-of-jail-free-ish question mark.