Friday, November 16, 2007

Courtney Love will give it away

Courtney Love has been back on the MySpace, sharing her top financial tips:

FICA score is that credit score you get for FREE ( but really its 30s bucks) if your 750 or aBOVE great but they willSTILL hold against you all the things on there that you didnt do - a very serious fincnailsp[erson told me the best way to deal with the "mistaKES" listed on thiers is to actually break the law, get the amex letterhead write to ine if the three agencies wichever has your "mistakes " on it, and just state the mistakes never happebned and itw as a typo= cos even if you have 800- any mistak eron there theyre going to consider that despite your score- if theres stuff on there due to id theft or mistakes ( i took 2 hours to do my amex yesterday and noted that my driver was apparently flying to the uk 4 times on amex and 2 times to the3 uk on the same flight on visa with the attentand 9.85 automatic insurances, for baggage transctions and each person had a "greeter" at 350 dollars when the flights a,d idnt occur cos every flight was not only multiple and all the add ons the sneaky amex tried to stick on there- 995 a transtactiomn? eat me and get me a new card ! the band had no Greeter yet each of the greeters was 350 dollars and there was no dammed greeter , also i hjave a platinum card that i never applied for and refuse to pay a dime on since ve never applied for it last month theres a mysterious 30,000 ollars someone threw on there- and then i asked my banker why ididnt have a check book she stated that so and so told her not to give one to me- WHAT? am i 12! whats the prupose of that to make me more hel[less? so that i cant negotiate and deal withthings i dont wanna use the ccs for myself?
also rem,emeber of the three fica scores the LOWEST is the one that all the cards use as your interest rate

You've been listening to MoneyBox live. It sounds like Courtney's having trouble getting credit, but it could just be that she's realised it's ruinously expensive to fly your bloody chauffeur over to the UK. We do have people who are able to drive here, you know, Love.

But it's not just American Express who is causing Courtney headaches. She's also convinced that CitiBank is conspiring against her:
im sick of this bank violating my rights legally = allowing signatures other than mine for checks allowing the "honest but stupid" b usiness manager tp p[ay himself whatever he was in the mood for monthly and will be getting a lawyer to deal with my insirance letting an embezzler open up 9 accounts there in may 03 while we lived like dogs and do a frauds refinance on my sisiter in laws home 4 x in one day- you heard me 4x in one day- and they made one stick and it had to go up on sherrifs auction 3 years ago this home i bought kurts sister for cash outright- for 190k cash they refinanced it 4x in the same day and used the SAME notary on each of these phone refis nsd phone appraisers- and the SAME notary on each of the phony signature cards i have banking insuirance covering me for 100,000 for each account so it comes to quite a pretty penny=you have it too! if someone touc hes your dammed account dont think all those Citi ads about ID THeft meajn shit-= they will tell you to get the law and get a supeona - yeah thats so easy- Chase is even worse- they justhang up on you sand Visa is NOT CENTRALISED so they camn fuck you on e ibn every state atr evruy bank and theres zero you can do about it-= peopel can get arrested in yopur name etc etc- i mean how many Courtney Loves are there( actuallytheres 5 in the USA that ii know if one is a football player African American male wghose a hot player- i feel bad for him!) now findingthe lawyer to go get them- thats gonna be the hard part cos if i hear "call teh authorities:" one more time illscream-= ther eis NO authorities for this sort of fraud- noone listens to you and all these citis and wamus whoa dvertise that they willnever l;et you have id theft-= theyre so fullof shit youcan get your most info by sweettAlking whomever answers the phone and by the time she he sends you t o fraud they shut you down= all i asked for was the expenditures on the two chase platinum cards"geta supeona" well my daddy aint a judge so you tell me how to do that, ? my fbi dont care, who cares is the irs in my case and they are so volatile i could end up owing what i cant prove = but i can prove a ton- why else would i call the irs in the midst of an audit when NOONE wopuld give me myauditors name? cos that ts the only govt agency willing to get theier money and go afte rthe bad guys this may not be alpplicable to most of you but im sure a ferw of you have expirienced idnetity fraud its 3 out of 10 presently,,,,,,,,more financial advice to come.......

We genuinely can't wait. It's possible that people are ripping Courtney off left, right and round the back, but if her approach to "teh authorities" is made in the same way she approaches MySpace blogging, it's perhaps not a little surprising they don't take her seriously. Or understand a bloody word she's saying.

Still, it's nice to be getting all this top-hole financial advice from a woman who can't apparently open the front door without having internet fraudsters buying a street of houses on Amex cards she doesn't even own. It's like getting healthy eating tips from Mr. Mangetout.

So, having sorted out our money, Courtney then turns to Radiohead. She's impressed:
as for radiohead= they didnt jump off a REAL clifff, they bungee jumped you KNOW the kamikaze pilot in me wants to do the same damm thing except with the best material not live material and not what people have heard except as few pieces that people havebnrt heard mixed and recorded properly-= i also wanna mAke my Lachapelle videos as i woukldnt wantot owork with anyone else for Videos or anything- hes my bff and i love working with him he knows excactly how to pull me out of myself or any rut, with the real thing- theyve made 9.7 m,illion in 3 weeks this way and its live-= not junk as radiohead doesnt make JUNK but its live - most of it heard before( wich youve all heard liveversions of things veryvery different than non live versions of things) i really think it couldf work do all my magazine covers in january - so the lead time in there kamikaze through my junket my tv shit n the 2 week lead up and just jump of f that cliff i love doing things really risky /first

Yes, doing things risky/first. Like providing tracks for rotten sports movies and recording albums for major labels. It's like you're, ooh, Finally Punk or something.

We love the way she's slagging off In Rainbows' quality while still fingering the pile of cash they made.
im greatful for radiohead for making the first move- id do it differentlyt -= thats why b sides are no longer b sides but have to be a sides to an extent-= cos theyre EXTRA TRACKS now wich can mean up to ALOT to such and such sponsor .... etc.
and since the art is amzing thius far ( taZke a look at m/m paris and google thier images.......ive always done my own graphics but they are really inspiring BRILLIANT)
i have alot of fast rock songs to wrote ina hurry- and were on a gold streak- were making new riffs everynight- if people already KNOW me they love me or like me- if they dont KNOW me due to the whole guinea pig female celebrity witchtrial, ( and cmon i had all charges EXPUNGED eg THEY DONT EXIST my punishment was going to court 37 times)

and the house arrest and court-mandated rehab, surely?

Hang about, she's back onto money again:
am going to see the bank another banker today and see if we connect- i dont need my business managers realtionship with the bank i need my OWN relaTIONSHIP WITH M Y BANKER=
i know someone dead poor= she went into her loc al citi= and she stated simply-= " im going to be very very welathy and if youd like to come with me let me know it or illtake my business erlsewhere" she then pulled out a detailed down to the wire business plan ( in the field of marketing) im not suggesting loans are a good thing - advances and loans bother me personally- but when i return from europe and amex has been paid 1/3rd too much money for repetitive tickets charged to amex visa and platinum amex- im NOT a happy girl- in fact ive hired a consultant on a hourly basis whose british and posh and verrrry organised witha way about her in terms of marketing etc, that will deal with the 1-800 amex lady that i used to have was told died in 9/11, wic h turns out to be a morbid and vile lie just to diconnect me with my amex lady= so that they could go hogwild and create phony amex after phon y amex- leaving my c redit at 130 or however low you can go and forcing me ( astupidely since i couldve sued them i now realise) to take out a loanshark style loan to pAy these amexes that were not mine off- but i plan on writing out everyone of these whiners and complainers on my fica and let them know i was a victim of id fraud and have a govt agency investigating this- and would be appreciative in fact i will write" you need to immediatly write to experian and take off these charges please as that has appeared on my fica score"
what ya all think of the in rainbows thing? no business model but how about content? was it karma police? did any of you pay?
im very curuous about this.......if was done with my pr first ----perhaps its doable- but i do have great artwork and accumalating so many extra tracks- i have a major i could use but im so interested in being free to do what i want- i dont wanna COPY radiohead- hmmmmm- well ill fix it all in the mix as they say and see what i wanna do as for release dates not too much longer there at least IS one- tp pull this off would take such an accurate lethal run for it......sorry about my spelling

Courtney, it's not the spelling. We can follow the spelling. It's the, you know, complete lack of any logical content that puzzles us.


Anonymous said...

It's the spelling, the grammar, syntax--actually, lack thereof--the tiresome bitching, the overinflated sense of entitlement, the sour grapes over Radiohead...oy vey.

I'm beginning to think there might actually _be_ something to all the rumours that others (Cobain, Corgan, etc) have written her music for her. Either that, or she's some sort of musical idiot-savant. Or all the drugs have finally destroyed her brain. Bets, anyone?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I suspect its a bit of both - the early Hole stuff is quite brilliant, spikey and raw; from about the time she hooked up with Cobain (and suddenly became someone with a profile beyond the indie scene) the music and lyrics started to get much more polished, which suggests, even if she didn't stop having an input, other hands were helping.

Clearly, the new stuff is going to be Linda Perry's work with Courtney's branding slapped on top/

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