Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Idlewild: Like Lazarus

The death of Idlewild, it seems, may have been reported long before due.

In news which comes as something of a shock, what with us having buried them in wasteland just off the M1 a couple of days ago, Idlewild have issued a bloggage revealing their hearts will go on:

There's been some talk and worry amongst Idlewild fans about us calling it a day after this 'best of' album and tour. The reality is that there's nothing the five of us like doing more than writing songs together and performing them. Our records might not sell as many copies as they used to (although they do sell well still) but I don't think that's because they aren't as good. I'm of the opinion that we're getting better at describing ourselves, and writing more interesting songs the longer we go on. So no, we're not 'splitting up', the opposite in fact, we're playing Edinburgh's Hogmanay in December then getting to work on our seventh album.

The opposite of splitting up would, presumably, be moving closer together - we're taking this as a warning that Roddy Woomble has gone supernova and is starting to suck everything for miles around into his collapsing plasma. But then the doctors did say we were prone to panic.