Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Craig David's big moment ruined

Poor Craig David. There he was, all set to press the button to start the balls coming out of the Lotto machine - and just as he was saying "Good Luck" Alan Deddicoat spoke over him, as the balls had started to come out without the need for David's involvement.

While this raises a bit of a question over the probity of the draw - who's setting the thing off it it happens without the hapless z-lister pushing the button? - it's more indicative of Craig David's role in the scheme of things: he's not even needed as a player in his own life.


Jack said...

The thing that interested me most was that there was obviously no audience there, and they were using a tape of applause. I'd have thought that kind of thing would be the first thing to go with the BBC being over sensitive about supposed "fakery".

It was amusing how awkward that whole programme seemed.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Having people applaud Craig David is always a dead giveaway something's up...

of course, the draw is done from Camelot's building now precisely because of the trouble they had when there was an audience for the draw - fathers for justice or whoever it was holding up the thing....

Anonymous said...

I have said about the "fakery" of the audience should not be there as well as the "Famous time check"!!! I may have been wrong about the show been done earlier with the time check to give the impression of a live show.
It was fun to see Craig squirm on the stage, even at the end he still looked shook up.

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