Monday, December 10, 2007

For Imeem, Universal makes four

Quietly developing a service which could turn out to be the YouTube of the audio world, Imeem has announced a deal with Universal to bring streaming content from the label onto its service. Universal was the last of the majors to sign up, but now Imeem is in the unique position of offering streaming music from all the big powers of old music.

Universal is delighted to be involved:

“Universal Music Group is committed to exploring new ways for consumers to discover and enjoy our artists’ music online,” stated Doug Morris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UMG. “imeem has developed an innovative way to make our artists' music a central part of the social networking experience. More importantly, they’ve done so the right way -- by working with UMG to provide an exciting musical experience for consumers, while ensuring that our artists are fairly compensated for the use of their works.”

Of course, Universal artists' stuff is all over the Imeem service already, in the wrong way, and embeddable (something the official service won't allow). Surprising that the majors can, sometimes, be forgiving about "theft" of music, isn't it?