Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amy: You've let a multinational company down, now

Oh, crack-snorting Amy Winehouse, Universal Records aren't angry with you. No, they're just let down:

[H]er record company, Universal, said: "We are deeply disappointed and upset by these latest revelations and are doing everything we can to offer Amy our full support in dealing with her problems."

You can almost hear the quiver in their corporate voice, can't you? It's not entirely clear to us if they're disappointed by the revelations themselves, or what has been revealed - would they be upset if Amy was taking crack in secret still? They don't say.

Meanwhile, the BBC drops a fairly big hint that they don't think the revelation is quite kosher:
The footage is grainy and appears to be camera phone quality, while a date and time in the corner of the screen suggests it was filmed on a video camera.

Perhaps the charmer who flogged the video to the Sun scuzzed the quality to give it that authentic crack-den feel?