Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michael Jackson's comeback: remember why he went away?

Michael Jackson has something of a problem. Since all he's done in the last, ooh, twenty years is get accused of being too close to young boys, promise benefit records that never materialise, gone to court more times than Virgina Wade and run out of cash, he needs to re-establish himself in the world's hearts.

He's decided the best way to do this - not to mention the laziest way - is to rework a track from back when the world used to treat him with respect. Rather than as the punchline to a "nose falling off" gag.

So he's reworked a song from Thriller. Unfortunately, he's chosen to rerecord The Girl Is Mine, the clunkiest, biggest stinker on that album. Yes, The Girl Is Mine. Only with Will.I.Am in the Paul McCartney role.

This is going to be followed by a whole album, comprising of remixes of Thriller. Remixed by the likes of Akon - a young man following the footsteps of Jackson, of course. With the embarrassing sexual misunderstandings involving children.

So, Jackson is taking his one, unquestioned achievement, and having it mucked about with. Nothing says "I have ceased to mean anything" than needing a Kanye West remix to even get a slot in the racks at FYE.


Mikey said...

Now, Public Enemy demonstrated quite some years ago that in Hip Hop you can play fast & loose with conventional western modality & get away with it but that notion seems to have been embraced by a new generation of remixers (or not even new, remember that mess Texas made a while back with the Wu-Tangs?) to mean "fuck it, that's close enough, let's slope of down the 40/40 for some blow and a posh wank"

Nothing sums up that attitude quite so well as the slipshod mess Mr.Jackson has presented us with.

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