Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gene Loves Jezebel; hates each other

If there are items at the back of your wardrobe which still have the persistent smell of patchouli, it's certain you'll recall Gene Loves Jezebel, 1980s waft-goths. You may also remember their split in 1989, and possibly their 1994 reunion. And maybe even the 1997.

You might - just - have heard the band were back together again last year, wafting round the US clubs. The only problem is, the band who were selling themselves as Gene Loves Jezebel weren't the real thing. Says who?

the 'real' Gene Loves Jezebel, that's who. The US-touring band was Michael Aston's lot; his twin Jay insists that his reactivated Gene Loves Jezebel is the proper deal:

“There’s only one reason we’ve neglected the U.S.,” says Jay Aston from his home in London. “When we go to America we have to worry about visas and flights and hotel accommodations. When he (Michael Aston) plays, he just jumps in a car with three other guys, who knows who they are, and goes out. There are no expenses.”

Asked to explain the root of his clash with Michael, Jay answers, “We’re very different individuals. His rock `n’ roll lifestyle is different from how I live. And how do you talk to someone who is delusional?”

Hmmm. Good question, Jay. How would you do that?
Jay sees himself as “the singer who is a real contributor to the band” and his brother as “someone who was just part of the (Gene Loves Jezebel) image. ... He looks like me, but he doesn’t sing like me.”

That may or may not be a fair point, but surely - if anything - Gene Loves Jezebel were a triumph of image over content in the first place? It might be seen as an endorsement - even an encouragement - to label the other lot as 'all the costumes, none of the music', surely?