Monday, March 17, 2008

Abbaobit: Ola Brunkert

Spanish police have discovered the body of Ola Brunkert, Abba's session drummer.

Born in Örebro, Sweden, in 1946, Brunkert was the only person outside the four regular members of the group to appear on every Abba recording. His background, though, was not pop, but jazz - he'd been a member of Opus III (not to be confused with the British Techno act of the same name)in the 1960s before starting work as a session man.

He went on to provide the drums on some of the biggest-selling hits of the 1970s, and joined Abba on tour on several occasions.

His death was macabre, but - according to Spanish Police - nothing more than a terrible accident; he appears to have bled to death after cutting himself on a broken plate glass door.