Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Channel 4 Radio: Waning enthusiasm?

According to "executive sources" quoted in MediaGuardian, Channel 4's management is getting slightly cold feet about the expense being lavished on the yet-to-launch radio wing:

Senior channel executives accordingly held a meeting on Friday to consider options and the board, chaired by Luke Johnson, is to take a hard look at the policy decision to invest in digital radio at its April meeting.

Substantial doubts within the channel about the wisdom of pressing ahead have emerged among programme commissioners, who are worried about the march into a new content sector, while two senior sources at the company say the advertising department are concerned about their lack of expertise in the area.

It's hard to see how DAB could withstand a further blow to its dignity if Channel 4 decided to abandon its recently acquired multiplex. The official line is still upbeat, but Horseferry Road is starting to drop hints that it'd quite like some sort of "cross-industry" approach if it's going to press ahead with DAB. More of the licence fee, then, Luke?