Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daily Mail blames BBC for out-of-control party

To be fair, Pete Tong did mention on-air a party somewhere in the region, but it seems a little extreme of the Daily Mail to blame him for the party careering out of control and the house getting wrecked.

The parent of the girl responsible for the party, Rebecca Brooks, says she's considering "suing" the BBC:

Mrs Brooks, 54, said someone called the BBC with details of the party and is threatening to sue.

"I blame the BBC for this," she said, adding: "We are considering our options."

Except Radio One didn't broadcast anything more than a vague mention of the party, and it's hardly as if the party had been kept secret beforehand:
Sarah, a pupil at Torquay Grammar School said she had put up a poster in common room but word had leaked out.

We're not sure the 'but' fits in that sentence. You put up a poster in a public place. Lots of people turn up. Why would that be Pete Tong's fault, exactly?

Of course, the Daily Mail's hatred of the BBC is now so poisonous it's a miracle they can bring themselves to publish listings for BBC One on the TV page - the decision by the corporation to broadcast an in-depth version of the Passion, having robbed the Mail of its usual moan that there's nothing religious on at Easter, has instead provided the paper with the chance to condemn the way the crucifixion has been shot.


Olive said...

Reverend George Curry, chairman of the Church Society, said: "They are misleading people by distorting the facts.

Still, kudos on The Mail for managing to get an eye-witness to the actual nailing up.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, the Daily Mail's hatred of the BBC is now so poisonous"

It's not just the DM that has a hatred of the mighty BBC. Polls kept showing a 75% majority want an end to the liberal/lefts TV. This is the real problem a small minority who think they have a god given right to force the whole country to fund their viewing habbits

Anonymous said...

If the figure was really 75% I'm sure your anti-TV license forum would have more than 65 members.

Laura Brown said...

Talk about your non-stories. The theory that victims of crucifixion (of which Jesus was one of many) were nailed through the wrist rather than the hand goes back to at least 1953. Like practically all theories about ancient history, it has its oppenents(see the latter part of this Straight Dope column for a quick and lively summary of the debate), but I don't believe any of them have claimed that the idea is blasphemous. It doesn't contradict the account in the gospels, since the ancient Greek word χείρ was used refer to the wrist as well as to the hand, and it certainly poses no challenge to the heart of Christian belief.

You'll notice the Mail quoted the chairman of the Church Society, rather than, say, the leader of an actual church. The Church Society is a fundamentalist evangelical organisation that has devoted itself to the downfall of Dr Rowan Williams because he doesn't hate gay people enough. They are a small minority within the Anglican church and certainly don't represent most Christians in Britain. I would be very interested to know if any mainstream, educated Christians are actually offended by this portrayal of the crucifixion. I know I'm not.

But then, I don't expect anything better from The Daily Mail. Have you read the chapter about it in Nick Davies' Flat Earth News? Scary.

Oh, and Pete Tong is innocent OK!

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