Sunday, May 04, 2008

Almost indistinguishable

Geri Halliwell is excited by the forthcoming Sex And The City movie. Because, you know, it could be about here:

"I LOVE Carrie. I'm really like her in the way I analyse, and I have the hair and the prom dresses."

Having hair really does make you exactly alike her. Brian Blessed has hair, too, and we think you're quite like him, too.

Although there is much to make of this self-aggrandising honking, the Sunday Mirror's Showbiz with Zoe columnist Zoe Zoe Showbiz fumbles her putdown:
Earth to Geri - Carrie is a fictional character, love.

Except, of course, Sex In The City is a roman a clef and Bradshaw is, effectively, Candace Bushnell, who is all-too-real; and even if Carrie had been totally imagined up out of thin air, why would that make it impossible for Geri to be like her? If someone said "my boyfriend's a bit like Marcus from Coronation Street", presumably Zoe wouldn't start pulling faces and going "you idiot! Marcus is a construct of scriptwriters. How could someone be 'like' him?"

Actually, she probably would, wouldn't she?