Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everything she does is written in her diary

We had assumed this was all some sort of post-modern joke at Geri Halliwell's expense, but, no, it does really seem that Clare Grogan is going to publish a series of children's books about a character called Tallulah Gosh:

“I wanted to write a story that would be good fun for young girls to read and which they would hopefully find inspiring too. And it was a sheer joy to write!

“There’s no escaping the fact that Tallulah and the Teenstars is semi-autobiographical insofar as it’s based very loosely on the early days of being in Altered Images. I regard Tallulah and the Teenstars as a book for girls like I was as a teenager – girls who are more into Siouxsie and the Banshees than homework. It’s something that I’ve thought about doing for some time.

“I think there’s an old-fashioned quality to the book, but within a hip setting. In some respects it’s an antidote to the mounting volume of teen fiction dealing with drugs, child abuse, violence and unwanted pregnancies. Not all childhoods are like that and, whilst hip and, hopefully inspiring, Tallulah has no truck with the over-sexualisation of young girls that’s taking place in the UK right now.

“Tallulah and the Teenstars is more lipstick and guitars than G-strings and alcopops.”

We're not sure that - unlike Madonna's books - there's going to be much of a market for a spin-off clothing line with this one.

No, it's genuine. You can pre-order on Amazon and everything.

Given that it's based on Clare's "rise to pop fame", book two in the series will doubtless be a painful read and book three will never see a release but be locked in a vault somewhere instead.

No word on what this lot think about it, mind:


Unknown said...

Which sounds like an indie (in the archaic sense of the word) equivalent of Blondie doing a musical titled Desperately Seeking Susan.

Olive said...

I may be about to get whooshed here, but weren't they named after the headline in Sounds about Clare Grogan?
I haven't heard Talulah Gosh for years. Wonder how many times they listened to Murmur before they recorded that?

Spence said...

"girls who are more into Siouxsie and the Banshees than homework."

Yup, there's gotta be a big market for that now.

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