Sunday, May 11, 2008

Peaches Geldof: The one-woman Richard Madeley tribute act

James P emails with a link and an assurance that it's not a repeat. Well, it is, but not in the sense that it's a story being re-run, just history repeating itself, as Peaches Geldof's people again explain how her leaving a shop with items unpaid for was a terrible coincidence and nothing to do with incipient kleptomania:

Geldof's lawyer said: "The correct facts are these; our client was shopping in an east London retailer trying on clothes with friends. She bought a number of articles of clothing from the retailer. One article she tried on and discarded was picked up by a friend in the mistaken belief that it belonged to our client.

"Some time later, when our client and her companions were at another shop, the friend who had picked up the item was approached by the shop owner - [from] whose stock it came - and she explained that she had taken the item in the belief that it belonged to our client.

"When our client explained that it did not belong to her, her companion apologised for her mistake, and the item was returned to its owner."

It happens to us all. As James observes:
Hang on, let me check the official term from her legal people here... Ah yes, 'Trying on clothes in a shop and then discarding a garment which a friend thinks is actually hers and so helpfully puts in her bag for her, only for her to be accosted later on by shop staff who had to explain that it hadn't actually been paid for'. They might want to come up with a name for that, considering how often it seems to happen. Still, kudos to the shop staff who managed to resist the temptation to shout "Just give us yer fucking money"

It makes me wonder if she actually leaked that drug-deal video herself, on purpose. You know, just to prove that she does pay for stuff sometimes.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Crikey, the more I read that story, the more I feel sorry for her legal people. Imagine devoting such a vast part of your life to studying the most intricate details of English law, staying up all night poring over textbooks and sweating over those final exams, only to find yourself employed in a position which requires you to parrot sub-Vicky Pollard stories about trips to New Look.

It's like 'Dr' Gillian McKeith's life in reverse.

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