Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ian Brown saves us all

It's a pity he didn't put his foot down before The Second Coming, but at least Ian Brown is stopping a third version of the Stone Roses:

"I spoke to John and Reni about it a few years ago and they said they'd love to do it at some point in time," Mani told the BBC.

"But Ian Brown seems dead set against it."

He added: "If [Brown] changes his mind then we'll probably do it, but then I'll be back to Primal Scream after the one year of doing it."

Who knew that Reni would be kicking his heels and keen to drop everything for a Roses reunion?

Thank god Brown is playing the role of Mel C and sparing the world from having the warm memories they still have of the Roses from being trampled all over. Mind you, even Mel C caved in in the end.