Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maybe we should worry about Mitch, too?

When I suggest that the papers are "worried" about Amy Winehouse, I don't obviously mean in any sense of the word "worry" that normal people would use; but it's still clear that a lot of people - amongst the rubberneckers and gawpers - are genuinely concerned that something terrible is going to happen to her, and wish it would stop.

Part of that might require removing the attention she's being forced to live under.

But it's starting to look increasingly like people should be looking out for her Dad, too: his constant stream of updates to the papers are getting increasingly strange and it seems like the strain is having its toll:

Dad Mitch Winehouse says his superstar daughter has vowed to get clean after receiving a message from his late mum, jazz singer Cynthia Winehouse, who died in 2006.

Now, it's clear from the quote he didn't quite say this:
He said: "We keep having dreams about my mum. Amy had one the night before last in fact.

"My mum said to Amy, 'I'm not very pleased with you, Amy - I'm unhappy with you'.

"Amy asked, 'Why Nan?' and she replied, 'because you're not fulfilling your potential'.

"Maybe my mum needs to work a bit harder from the other side."

Even so, this constant stream of strange and stranger press statements - the very public clutching at any straw - can't be healthy for him, or for his daughter. The editors won't avert their eyes, but surely someone could suggest to Mitch he make himself less available?