Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gordon in the morning: The ex-factor

The return of Leon Jackson, who won Deal Or No DealThe X Factor, excites Gordon Smart:

LAST time I saw LEON JACKSON, we were sharing a glass of Irn Bru after his X Factor win.

It wasn’t the most formidable interrogation I’ve ever conducted — but it seems to have scared the poor boy into hiding for eight months.

You have to wonder what Gordon considers his "most formidable interrogation" to be, then - perhaps it was "so, when can we expect a great new album, then, Madonna's publicist?", or maybe "would you like me to buy another beer, Serge?"

Still, Leon Jackson is back, and Gordon isn't impressed:
Unfortunately, it was the most boring five minutes of pop promotion I have ever seen.

Boring - and yet Gordon does get 500-odd words out of it. Presumably, had Jackson had anything interesting to say, Smart would have been looking at getting pagination from the Sun's Olympic coverage.

To be fair, though, Jackson does appear to have had nothing to say at all:
“Photo shoots have started to take place. There are definitely a couple of looks. You’ve got the smart suits and shirts and ties and dressy shoes.

“And on the other hand I’m younger and edgier, so we’re trying to keep it trendier.

“So we’ve got jeans and T-shirts. We’re trying to mix and match the looks. It’s cool.”

Edgier? Edgier than what, exactly? Given that Jeremy Clarkson is probably the most famous jeans wearer these days, it sounds like Jackson is going for the 'edgier than Huw Edwards' look.

But still, Gordon has more important matters to deal with - Liam Gallagher's got a new haircut:
HERE’S LIAM GALLAGHER yesterday after finally sorting out his rubbish haircut.

Oooh, Liam, why don't you cut your hair? You'd look really pretty with shorter hair, you would. Go on, then... go on.