Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Noel Gallagher rails against the Berliners

While more than happy to snuggle up to the fawning flaps of Gordon Smart, there are some members of Fleet Street who will not be welcome at Noel Gallagher's house. He has no time for Guardian types, oh no. Asked about his ignorance parade over Jay-Z, rather than focusing on his own stupidity, he decides to attack:

"If people in the fucking Observer and the Guardian wanna get on their high horse about it, there's not a great deal I can do."

Of course, this is only to be expected - after all, Noel used to be married to the diarist of the Sunday Times Style Magazine, so his judgement on journalistic quality is unimpeachable.

He goes on. Of course he goes on:
"It really pisses me off," he continues, "all these spotty herberts whose mams and dads voted for Margaret Thatcher all those years are now sitting on some moral fucking high chair."

We've had a large swig of coffee to try and work out what he's talking about - a moral high chair? Is he confusing a horse with a chair? Is he suggesting that Polly Toynbee's parents used to vote conservative? Does it really matter how ones parents voted when you're developing your own politics? Or are we all supposed to always vote exactly the way our parents did? Given that Noel is vocal in his dislike of Thatcher, shouldn't he applaud someone who grows away from such a malign influence? And since The Guardian was the only paper which consistently attacked Thatcher, isn't it a paper whose views he should find at least some common cause with? Or.... could it just be that we're struggling to find coherence in a place where there is none? It's weighing down... heavy... need some... help to do heavy lifting...
[Thanks to James M]