Sunday, September 28, 2008

Duffy finds out why 'what you wish for' is a curse

Oh, you know how much it sucks to be a successful pop star? Oh, you little people with your 4am shifts in bakeries just couldn't understand how hard it is being Duffy:

“I just need to get things right because if I take my finger off the pulse I immediately feel the quality isn’t as good,” she explains.

“I don’t know if other people pay attention to the things I pay attention to because I don’t just rush around feeling like the so-called ‘pop star’ that I am.

“I pay attention to all the nitty gritty stuff but there are so many dimensions to it.

“It’s a full-time thing I have on my hands. I can’t just turn up, sing and then go to bed.

“I have to be so hard on myself. I’m my own worst critic.”

If that's true, Duffy, I don't look forward to what you're going to say to yourself when you read how you came over in the Western Mail.