Saturday, September 13, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Trash Can Sinatras weekend

Inspired this week by the Urban Woo's summation of Glasvegas as "a retread of the the Trash Can Sinatras", this weekend the video rummage is diving for slices of literate Scottish pop. (Or, if you'd rather "stuff by the Scottish Housemartins".)

My abiding memory of the band was their support slot at Ride's triumphant ULU breakthrough gig, where the audience seemed bemused by the band wandering on in Sou'Westers to the sound of Dancing Queen. It was whatever the opposite of a braggadocio stage taking would be called and while it didn't quite work in seizing the crowd's attention, the gesture was appreciated.

It's something of a surprise to discover that the band have been in more-or-less continuous existence since they started in 1986; I'd assumed that their recent activity was a comeback rather than a ramping-up - it kind of underlines how politely quiet they are they can manage to be going for the best part of two decades without even people who love them noticing a lot of their work.

So, for this weekend, some shouting.

This is the big hit: Obscurity Knocks. (A title to view with a degree of ironic detachment, of course.)

Cake - the first album
A Happy Pocket - an Amazon customer notes "I'd never head of the Trash Can Sinatras before this CD came out and Ive never heard of them after it either."
Apparently there's about to be a re-release schedule through Universal's catalogue department.

More online
Official site
Band blog
Last FM

More videos across the weekend
Twisted And Bent - acoustic on VH1
All The Dark Horses - live in store
Tonight You Belong To Me - live in Glasgow
Square Meals


Clair said...

Ta for that.I didn't half love that first album, not so keen on the second,and almost forgot the Trashies until I got Weightlifting for £1.99 in Virgin. Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

They did a beautiful version of to sir with love, I really only know that and obscurity knocks.

Tom said...

WeightLifting for only 2 Quid! What a deal (no doubt a cut-out of TCS' ex-label SpinArt going bankrupt and old stock being sold off). A NEW CD called "In the Music" is out in Japan and rest of the world any time now. I saw them in L.A. (Cali) on that WL tour and they are just wonderful. Can't wait to get the new one and see them still Alive and Kicking.

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