Friday, September 26, 2008

Gordon in the morning: The disappearing story

Interestingly, although it's on Gordon's pages, the byline for the claims that Plant has agreed to a Led Zeppelin reunion is given to Jess Rogers - who is basing it nothing more than (insert Al Gore sigh here) an unnamed source, who isn't even pinned down as being a friend of anyone.

Now, of course, you'll be wondering who this Lead Zupplin is. Happily, there's an explanation tucked into the piece:

Led Zep, who have sold more than 300million albums worldwide, formed in 1968 and split up in 1980 when drummer John Bonham — father of Jason — died aged 32.

Rolling Stone magazine dubbed them the biggest band of the ’70s.

If you have to explain who they are - and can think of nothing more than a slightly pompous US magazine garlanded them with fame thirty years ago - is the story really all that relevant to your readers?
Of course, the real curiosity this morning is the vanishing tale. The picture of the paper spread shows Gordon confidently leading on a story about Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse; but the front of Bizarre online doesn't mention the story at all - instead running with an advertorial about David Beckham's 2009 calendar. The Winehouse story can still be found by searching the Sun site. Is it simply someone's screwed up by forgetting to link to it - or is there a sudden wobble in the certainty of Gordon's claims that Fielder-Civil is about to released, living with an ankle tag in his Mum's house in Lincolnshire while taking a five hundred quid round trip to spend days in Camden?