Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shiny new band: Nat Johnson

Alright, not really a band, as she's a person. And you might be familiar with her face and her voice, too, as she was in Monkey Swallows The Universe. Now, though, she's gone solo and releases this tomorrow. "This" being a new single, Dirty Rotten Soul - and it's very good, I think you'll agree:

You can see her at the Drill Hall in London tonight, then there's these dates, too:

Oct 5 The Forum, with Champion Kickboxer (solo) - Sheffield
Oct 16 supporting Anni Rossi at the Shakespeare (solo) - Sheffield
Oct 26 Session on Raw Talent (with band) - BBC Radio South Yorkshire
Oct 31 Hallowe’en Party at the Shakespeare (with band) - Sheffield
Nov 2 Sunday Teatime Session at the Notty House (solo) - Sheffield
Dec 14 Club Ifor Bach, Loose Club Xmas Party - Cardiff
Dec 20 Cumberland Arms Xmas Alldayer (with band) - Newcastle
Jan 16 Le Bateaux Ivre, with Les Meatles (Nat and Kev only) - Rouen

You can befriend her on the MurdochSpace.