Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Deathrockobit: Aaron Fuller

The lead singer of Plan 9, Aaron Fuller, has been killed in a motorbike accident in California.

Plan 9 - or at least, this Plan 9 (more than one band has taken their naming inspiration from the Ed Wood movie) - were originally meant to be a one-off Misfits tribute act; the success of their 1997 debut was successfully parlayed into a major death rock force, in California at least. To an extent, their career remained as something of a Misfits tribute, but in a good way.

The band will continue hopes Fullers' family. According to Blabbermouth:

Fuller's family has stated that they "want PLAN 9 to continue because that is what Aaron would want."

It's a sentiment his fellow band members seem to endorse, according to their MySpace blog:
Will we carry on ..? I think so. Aaron would have wanted it that way. It was a true honor to play with him and to know and ride with him. A true friend in every sense of the word. Plan 9 wants to exend our condolences to his family.. He will live on in our hearts and in our music. Godspeed my Brother... Scary Barrie.

Fuller died after losing control of his bike on an off-ramp in Oakland. He was 35.