Saturday, October 11, 2008

Katy Perry attempts to draw our attention to Katy Perry

There's nothing to say that god-fearing, right-living evangelicals Mary Hudson and Keith Hudson didn't lead an exciting life before meeting up with Jesus, but Katy Perry's claims for her parents seem a little extreme.

Mummy, says Katy, dated Jimi Hendrix, while her dad was chums with Timothy Leary. Close chums, apparently.

Katy tells Blender:

'In terms of wild youth, they put me to shame.'

Well, yes, given that you're in your mid-20s and so didn't actually have a wild youth, spending it in gospel choirs, they probably do.

And since writing a song about kissing someone of the same gender is about as wild as thinking about having strawberry and chocolate sauce on your ice-cream, they probably are still more wild than you are.

[Thanks to Mike E for the tip]