Monday, October 06, 2008

Q Awards rearrange words 'Coldplay' 'gongs' 'scoop' into a report

The 2008 Q Awards have been dished out in some sort of event; we've hard refreshed the BBC News coverage to ensure we weren't looking at a cached report from 2007. Or 2006. Or 2005.

Coldplay were the mildly big winners - two prizes - while Keane won one. Which is funny, because 'one Q award' is a bit like 'two Q awards' only not quite as good.

Duffy - who seems to have been around since Prisoner Cell Block H was on the telly - won the breakthrough, though she's apparently not as good as the Last Shadow Puppets, who were judged the totally-different Best New Act.

To be honest, we're not sure if you asked Q what the difference between Q Idol, Q icon, Q inspiration, Q Legend and Q Outstanding Contribution is, they'd be able to tell you. At least classic song makes some sort of distinction, but it was given to Meat Loaf for Bat Out Of Hell. He turned up with an injured eye, which perhaps means that Jim Steinman was fighting him for the right to the title.

Those all-the-same-prize-with-different-names winners in order: Grace Jones, Alan Ant, the Cocteau Twins, Glen Campbell and Dave Gilmour.

The Kaiser Chiefs off of Channel Five television picked up the best live act title, which probably was for the same bloody set they were playing two years ago.