Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Where's the respect for 10CC?

Up to a point, you could understand 10CC feeling a little peeved at being oft-forgotten when lists of the Most Bestest British Bands get drawn up. Not, though, as peeved as Graham Gouldman, mind:

"I'm not happy with our place in pop hierarchy. I think it should be more recognised.

"I was reading an old music magazine's article, Important Records From the Seventies, and we never seem to get mentioned in those things.

"It's always Bowie and Queen and that gets on my nerves a bit."

Perhaps if you'd made Ziggy Stardust and Heroes rather than Dreadlock Holiday, Graham, you might find yourself a little higher up those lists.

Still, here's a spot of glory for you, Mr. G. I'm Not In Love is a cracking song; this performance is from Pebble Mill At One: