Friday, November 28, 2008

Noel Gallagher admits being on a par with The Stones

Having tried so long to be The Beatles, Noel Gallagher has realised that Oasis have morphed into the Stones instead:

"Everybody knows who we are. You have to see us in league with The Rolling Stones now," he declared. "Everybody's heard of the Stones, everybody knows what they sound like, everybody knows what they do. You either go because you like it or you don't. It's easy."

Band who haven't written a decent song in decades, still desperately trying to look like they're in their 20s, churning out new albums despite being an oldies group, living a champagne and butlers lifestyle while pretending to be street-fighting men... you can see what Noel is getting at... but everyone knowing them? Outside of the UK and a clutch of large US cities... does... anyone... much... I mean, if Noel is Jagger, I'm a fruit. Or possibly a vegetable. Maybe I'm an avocado. But... what is this... happening... to me... mashing... garlic...


PeterDee said...

The difference between Oasis and The Stones is that the Stones have a vast and varied back catalogue that was consistently good from the 60’s through to the late 70’s. They can go out and play a set and not have to rely on one or two songs, they could feasibly play a whole tour and not have to play the same set twice. The stones sell out stadia the world over in minutes, the stones played to 1.5 million people in Rio, my nan who has alzheimers could name 2 of the Rolling Stones. Oasis are a jumped up pub band that caught McGee when he was clearly still on drugs.

PeterDee said...

I feel that my reply to this might appear a little Stones fanboyish, I hold my hands up, only three music acts will get me fired up and none of them are really anything to be proud of. The Stones is one of them, post anything mentioning Tenacious D and NOFX and you get the other two.

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