Saturday, January 24, 2009

For David Van Day, fame bleeds

Poor old David Van Day - even when people give him the adulation he yearns for, it hurts: someone jumped on him so enthusiastically, his head got ripped off its shoulders. Sorry, that should be "ripped open":

Singer David Van Day was left with blood pouring from his head after being jumped on by a female fan.

The Dollar and Bucks Fizz front man, from Brighton, fell into an aeroplane after the woman threw herself at him while he was filming a new makeover series at an airfield in Essex.

The blow opened a gash in the 52-year-old's head.

It's hard to believe that Van Day is making a makeover programme. Surely, David - apart from your unsightly gash - you're perfect already?

UPDATE: I've only just processed the slightly-alarmist headline the Argus slapped on the story:
Brighton celebrity injured in airfield accident

- which surely throws up images of the R101 rather than someone falling over under the weight of a fan?