Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Classy

More this morning from Gordon as he desperately tries to kindle something out of Amy Winehouse being on holiday in the same place as Josh Bowman:

AMY WINEHOUSE serenaded the new man in her life in an impromptu performance in a Caribbean hotel bar yesterday.

She seranaded him, did she?
Clean-cut JOSH BOWMAN and Amy’s pal BLAKE WOOD were among 25 guests there as she belted out hits on the piano.

Ah, so she sang a song to two dozen people, one of whom was him. Or perhaps she was seranading all 25 of them? Perhaps she's going to go out with all of them, eh, Gordon?

The article does mark some sort of new low for the column:
As you can see, Amy is looking better than she has in ages.

So come on lads – the healthier Amy Winehouse. Would you? Email me yes or no and I’ll print your verdict tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that Murdoch hasn't adopted 'would you fuck this woman' as a feature across his mighty news organisation - it'd sit well in the Wall Street Journal and in the longueurs overnight on Fox News. Perhaps tomorrow Gordon might like to ask the same question about his editor Rebekah Wade. Or maybe his own wife.

Still, it's not that Gordon is any stranger to controversy: his attempt to claim AC/DC are British rather than Australian has upset just enough people to make him feel all excited:
CLAIMING AC/DC for the UK yesterday hasn’t gone down too well Down Under.
My message board on MySun has been bombarded by overseas readers venting their spleens.

Bombarded, you say? There's, erm, eleven comments on the story. Oh, and half of those are about Coldplay and not about AC/DC at all. And actually only two comments of the eleven take issue with Smart's claim that two Scottish-born and a Geordie makes the band more UK than Oz. Is the Sun's infrastructure really so poor that two posts counts as "bombardment"?