Friday, January 09, 2009

Gordon in the morning: So, what was the verdict?

You probably have been wondering - after yesterday's piece of quality journalism, where Gordon asked his readers if they'd have sex with Amy Winehouse now she's, you know, a bit more normal, how did the poll go?

Oddly - despite Gordon's promise to share the results today - there's no feedback. Almost as if even Gordon realised just how tacky the idea was in the first place. Or if someone told him.

Gordon and his team have, this week, been "celebrating" Amy's healthier, more normal behaviour on her holiday. Bizarre readers have been delighted by stories of her standing near rugby players, and singing jolly songs for people. All week, the message has been 'see? she's away from Fielder-Civil, she's away from the bad drugs, and she's just like Cheryl Cole or something'.

All week, that is, until today, when she's started throwing water over people and - oh dear - being sick over the breakfast buffet. Apparently.

Staff at her hotel on St Lucia claim she has infuriated holidaymakers with her antics during her two-week stay.

But... yesterday those "antics" were of a heart-warming seranading type, weren't they?

Have to admit, though, that Simon Rothstein did make us laugh by pointing out that the announcement of the winner of the Walkers Give Us A Flavour competition did, indeed, show that some celebrities would go to the opening of a packet of crisps.