Saturday, January 31, 2009

T in The Park: Like Oxegen, but slightly different

Hey, if the idea if Kings Of Leon and Snow Patrol headlining Oxegen wasn't exciting enough, the announcement of headliners for T In The Park is going to make you wear out your caps-shift and 1 keys.

Yes, it's Snow Patrol and Kings Of Leon!!!!!!

Along with Katy Perry.

The festival's boss Geoff Ellis revealed the names to the Daily Record, in response to internet rumours about the line-up.

"We're delighted. Kings Of Leon are the hottest property at the moment. We're ecstatic at having locked them in. Snow Patrol are Scotland's biggest band at the moment," Ellis told the newspaper.

The Kings Of Leon are the hottest property right now - it's so true, especially if you don't think about any of the other bands a bit like them who sell more records. And it's lucky that despite being so hot, they've got plenty of time available in their diaries to play seemingly every field in the nation.


[This post sponsored by Concerned Citizens For A Less Cynical No Rock And Roll Fun]


Anonymous said...

i love you simon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Not incredibly exciting headliners, no, but Kings of Leon ARE selling more than bands like them at the moment. A lot more. In fact, compared to the other bands that broke through around the same time (Razorlight, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand), they're miles ahead.

Anonymous said...

The big festivals have all become so similar and, in terms of headliners, so remarkably bland that it has actually got to the point where one doesn't need to ask the question "so who's on?" anymore.

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