Thursday, March 26, 2009

Folding paper: Blender liquidated

Maxim US spin-off Blender, which monthly combined Q style music articles with a cover of a female singer in a push-up bra, has closed, after a long illness.

CEO, Stephen Duggan, said in a company memo that the company was closing Blender with great sadness. "Since 2001, Blender has provided unmatched music coverage and entertainment news in its unique voice to a profoundly dedicated audience of music enthusiasts," Mr. Duggan wrote. "We are particularly grateful to the sales team and to the tremendously talented editorial staff for their hard work and commitment to Blender."

The readership was "profoundly dedicated"? To what? To the magazine? Presumably not, because if they were that dedicated, then the magazine would presumably not be closing?

The most worrying dollop in the entrails: Blender had over three quarter of a million subscribers, and yet still wasn't sustainable.