Thursday, March 05, 2009

VeVo, VeVo, it's off to work they go

Universal and Google are going to launch a premium online video service, VeVo that uses YouTube technology to play music videos. And adverts.

Yes, it sounds a lot like YouTube, only this will be different by, erm, not featuring music from other artists and not hosting debates where insults are hurled at those who suggest that rather than filming an epileptic dog and putting it online, the owner should take their animal to a vet.

It's the first of this omissions that is most striking: are record labels still clinging to their belief that people relate to music in terms of 'which multinational company deals with distribution'?

A service offering one-quarter of the majors' product is only ever going to be a service with 75% of its effectiveness removed. If it's not all in one place, you're just encouraging someone else to take it and create a one place where everything will be. That's why YouTube works.