Monday, May 04, 2009

Chung people: MTV shares money with Twitter and Facebook

As if there was any need to suspect that Alexa Chung's big American break was of dubious prognosis. She's presenting MTV's replacement for TRL, a show axed because it no longer had an audience; it now turns out that MTV is going to share the advertising money the programme makes (if any) with Twitter and Facebook.

It's a generous move on MTV's part, but also one that is surely only going to draw more attention to the weakness of the proposition of What You're Watching: it needs social networking partners because, erm, that's where the audience has gone. And why would anyone want to watch a large pool of tweets and status updates from people they don't know when they could be genuinely social networking on the internet?

Surely MTV needs to find a way to do something that the audiences feel they need more than being online, rather than just acting like a one-way Twitterfall search engine?