Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Natasha Hamilton shutters H

Natasha Hamilton out-of-Atomic-Kitten's H nightclub has achieved a notable first: it's become the first nightclub in the UK to be closed twice because of violence.

The club, in Victoria Street, was closed down last September after a stabbing inside. According to the Echo, the latest incident was equally, if not more, grisly:

Two door staff suffered knife wounds, one to his chest and another to his hand, while a third man also suffered stab injuries after trouble spilled outside.

Merseyside Police said a customer was armed with a knife inside H Bar, although this is disputed by the club management.

A man was also kicked unconscious and was found in the street with a switch blade by his side.

You've got to love the idea that management are objecting to the idea that there was guy inside the club. "Sure, there are people bleeding all over the place, but there wasn't a guy with a knife inside."

Natasha has now decided that maybe running a nightclub which attracts the stabby set might not be such a good idea, and is going to close H and open it as something else:
Her manager Martin O’Shea told the ECHO: “H Bar is finished. Natasha can’t be associated with a place that is mentioned in the same breath as stabbings and gangsters."

Although, erm, it was being mentioned in the same breath as stabbings and gangsters back in September last year, and it reopened that time.