Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skunk Anansie: Why we're back

Why have Skunk Anansie reformed?

You could ask Newsbeat why they're back, as the band have explained it's fan pressure:

"My Dog," laughs bass player Cass when asked about whose idea it was to come back together. "He kept telling me and I had to persuade these people that I wasn't mad."

In fact, it was they say fan pressure that led them back into each other's lives.
Skunk Anansie Lead singer Skin will put her solo career on hold

"They've been on our case for years for us to do this," says lead singer Skin.

"The whole thing has been led by MySpace and the revolution of our fans," adds guitarist Ace.

Why, yes. Fan pressure. What can you do in the face of that? As Newsbeat explains:
What the reunion does mean is that all other plans are shelved including Skin's solo career ("I've got an electronic project that's just going to have to wait"), Ace's guitar tutoring and Mark Richardson's stint drumming with Brit band Feeder.

Skin's solo career. Yes. Wikipedia tracks the course of that:

* "Trashed" (June 2003) - UK #30
* "Faithfulness" (September 2003) - UK #64
* "Lost / Getting Away With It" (2003) Double A-side
* "Alone In My Room" (November 2005) (Download only)
* "Just Let The Sun" (March 2006) UK Indie Chart #27
* "Purple" (Limited release in The Netherlands and download)
* "Nothing But" (Promotional release in Italy only)
* "Tear Down These Houses" (January 2008) (Italian release only)

It's not exactly going to have taken many phone calls to put the freeze on limited-Italian-release-only type projects, is it?


Spence said...

A little harsh, surely.

I was always of the belief Skin was just one Ukraine-only EP away from making her own Sgt Pepper.

M.C. Glammer said...

She played bass with Bowie, didn't she? Bit of a solo career highlight, that.

Spence said...

>Bit of a solo career highlight, that.

For her or him?

Anonymous said...

Skin never played bass for Bowie. You're thinking of Gail Ann Dorsey.

Besides, Skin would have had to turn Bowie down because of her hectic schedule. Eastern Europe doesn't tour itself, you know!

David said...

Oh, those silly Eastern Europeans, buying music and attending shows. What are they like, eh?!

Gorblimey, they don't even speak bleedin' English, do they?! And you see some of the food they eat, make yer stomach turn, it would.

When I saw four comments had been posted on this story, I guessed they would be depressingly predictable, but bloody hell.

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